Case Study: AXYZ Warehouse – 5 employees

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Dec 01

Elaine owns AXYZ Warehouse for home craft articles. She employs 5 workers that each have a desk station with a computer and a phone to perform their daily tasks. They communicate daily with suppliers from 5 continents, transportation / shipping companies, regulatory authorities in Canada, agencies, and many many customers. The phone is a vital tool for each employee.

After an analysis together with Elaine, in which we have assessed the operation requirements, we proposed and agreed to the following:

  • 6 land lines for 5 employees and Elaine and 6 physical desk phones; 4 fixed, attached to office desks; 2 are portable with a big range to allow deployment in the warehouse
  • Elaine and the Warehouse Manager will have extensions installed on their mobile phones so that they can access their office phone at any time and use the many features available for the office system on their mobiles. One awesome feature is the international very low rates available from the mobile phone and the no roaming feature when abroad. Only these 2 features can save a ton of money to any businessman or businesswoman as well to any traveling employee.
  • 6 simultaneous calls possible at any time (the 7th caller will get a busy line, a very unlikely possibility)
  • only 2 phone regular numbers that will be directed to an auto attendant
  • The auto attendant will distribute any call to the appropriate employee
  • A general voicemail is set up for general matters
  • Each employee will have an individual voicemail
  • Each phone unit will have the capacity to conference call up to 10 interior (inside the company) or exterior phone numbers (located anywhere in the world). There is no need for a larger conference call group, even though this is available.
  • Each phone is having a very affordable plan for Free Unlimited Calling to Canada and US and very low rates (around 5 cents per minute is the norm, a few countries will have somewhat higher rates) for international calling
  • The Internet quality available to the warehouse was appropriate, no need to upgrade

Elaine was very happy with the new enhanced features and the big savings.

In a case like this, a full new phone system can be installed in about 5 to 15 days from the time you call us at 1-888-248-6658 to include the assessment, agreement, installation and Start-Up.

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