Case Study: AZ 9 Motel – 10 employees

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Dec 01

Len runs AZ 9 Motel that has 40 rooms for rent. The Motel has a Reception area, a parking lot, a Restaurant and a warm Pool within their property. They need to upgrade their phones to a better performing, more technologically advanced system to provide a more effective communication within the motel and outside, able to save costs. The VoIP system fits great with their requirements.

There is going to be a main office phone at Reception, taking calls from two existing phone numbers. The owner has decided to install an overflow phone to be able to take calls during busy hours. The two phones can handle up to 3 calls each (one active and two on hold) so that in the very unlikely case that 6 simultaneous inbound calls are ringing, two operators can handle the load. One phone will have 2 extenders that will store all room phone extensions.

The motel will have 25 simultaneous calls possible to use within their premises, at any time.

Proposed VoIP phone system:

1 sophisticated phone for the main line phones with 2 extenders (each extender stores 20 extensions or phone numbers)
3 additional less sophisticated phones for Reception, Restaurant and the Pool.
40 specific hotel phones for each motel room.

This VoIP system can be installed in less than two weeks after all paperwork is done and we have all information with all requirements. Len was very happy with the overall operation and especially with the savings.

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