Who is Our Client?

Our Client usually is either:

  • a small to medium sized business that wants to improve on costs while the quality of the new phone system increases to make available features that were accessible  only to large corporations. We can provide either office only phone system solutions, or mobile only individual or corporate solutions, or an integrated system solution to include office phones and mobile phones, home phones as well if so desired. This is an unprecedented upgrade from the traditional communication system.
  • a busy individual who wants unified communication, i.e. only one phone line on several devices – at home, at office (if under his/her direct control) and or mobile. More devices are possible. I.e. having only one phone number for more than one device and he/she wants to be able to answer the incoming calls from different locations.

We will discuss with the Client the current and short/long time needs and will craft the most appropriate plan to meet the business customized requirements. Just call us and work with us for your improved communication at less cost! 1-888-248-6658.

The usual process is:

  1. Assessment of existing communication system – analysis and identification of ways to improve features and reduce costs.
  2. Assessment of the requirements for the most appropriate phone communication system.
  3. Proposal / Estimate – based on the assessment findings, this will include the Client choice of equipment, all the set-up, programming the phone system, office “land” and / or mobile, and / or home, and start-up, with a plan for operation and a long distance plan. This can be adjusted to reflect further Client’s requirements.
  4. When accepted, we proceed with a signed agreement that outlines the services and the operation of the phone system, with the parties responsibilities.
  5. Installation preparation – order equipment, install software, program equipment, insure all is set for installation.
  6. Installation – usually takes one day to install the phone system.
  7. Operation